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Education Scholarships

The 1World 1Tribe Education Scholarship Fund was created to support the literacy of promising young men and women who otherwise would not be able to attend school.  Education improves the overall health and economic well-being of these young men and women, their families, their communities and future generations.   


1World 1Tribe provides scholarships from primary school through university to those who not only show good academic and leadership potential, but who also live in economic poverty and thus are unable to afford school fees; who are at risk of harmful cultural practices such as female genital mutilation or forced early marriage; and, who are rescue cases, orphans, or were forced to drop out of school for economic and/or cultural reasons.


To date, 1World 1Tribe has awarded scholarships to four individuals.  One recipient has recently graduated from college, three are attending Rombo Girls Boarding Primary School in Oloitokitok, and the fourth is attending Namelok Youth Polytechnic College.


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