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Initiative and Location Support

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Oral Health

Our oral health initiatives currently take place in every country we go to. These include oral health and nutrition education, dental treatment camps, oral health public awareness campaigns, and more.


Primarily focused on Kenya, we seek out exceptional students, primarily girls, who are at risk of dropping out of the educational system due to extreme poverty, the risk of forced early marriage, and/or other factors. Working with affiliated boarding schools, we arrange for these students to attend under full scholarship, from 1World 1Tribe orother sources.

Economic Empowerment

These initiatives include thelaunching  Maasai women's groups, individual grants for starting and building a personal business, vocational traiing grants, and more.

Youth Enrichment

Camp No Name is our primary youth enrichment sponsrship, and we're looking to expand the camp concept to other regions, especially Kenya.

Humanitarian Partnerships

Humanitarian Partnerships arise from the opportunity to work with other established organizations that need further funding or other assistance, or that simply synergize with our own outreach programs. Examples include our work with and sponsorship of Teule Kenya Orphanage; the public awareness campaign partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service and local game lodges, and more.

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In Kenya, we have several 1World 1Tribe initiatives: oral health eduaction and treatment outreach; secondary (grade 6-12) education grants for promising at-risk girls; vocational education grants; post-secondary scholarship grants; economic empowerment organization and support; and humanitarian partnerships with Teule Orphanage and others.


In Albania, 1World 1Tribe is a primary sponsor of Camp No Name, an annual week-long day camp for local children of diverse ethnic backgrounds who benefit from the social interaction, structured play and educational activities. Starting in 23015, a dental treatment and education program was added, bringing essential care to many kids too poor to therwise seek treatment.


In February 2015, 1World 1Tribe started an oral health treatment and education outreach program in some of the most remote and underserved regions of Myanmar/Burma. We have a second mission planned for February 2016, and are looking to incorporate other public health initiatives in our future missions.

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